Dabblings ...

I like to play with my photographs in various ways for various reasons.
Like the picture above I made thinking it would be a good header for this page of Dabblings ... But, I am told,  this picture can't be on the header and it will continue to travel down the page until it lands in my "past posts" pages.  So instead of a header, I will just use it as a sample of what I mean by dabbling.   My dabbling may start out with a purpose, like a collage or poster, or it might be a technique for getting clarity from a not so clear picture.  On the other hand it might just be an experiment that takes me places I wasn't expecting.  I use Photoshop and I play with the different filters until suddenly I may see something that is totally different than the photo I started out with.  Where I go from there is any one's guess.  I enjoy this exercise in futility so I continue to pursue it.  Hopefully, over time, you will spot something that interestsyou.

Well, I guess I will take the leap.  This is a vidio of some of my first dabblings.  I hope you find it interesting if not enjoyable.   



  1. This page is going to be interesting!

  2. Bold colors, bright light, and a sense of motion... wonderful! I loved them! Beautiful distortion!

  3. Loved the pictures very inspiring will watch with interest x