Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Scribble Picnic

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Hot Chocolate
Oh the Joys of Kittenhood .... :)


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

Eagle Festival in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin

We took a run up to the festival to take in some of the Raptor programs and primarily to receive training for the Golden Eagle count that we will participate in this coming Saturday.  We are doing the Northern Illinois borders where there is a possibility of the Juvenile Golden Eagles moving down as the common territories are already established by adult couples.  It is quite exciting, the idea of Golden Eagles in Illinois.  The chances of us spotting any are few and far between, but it is worth the effort.

After lunch we went to the dam on the river to see what we could see ...

 There was a large group of Common Mergansers on the open water ...

  And a few including Mallards near the rapids from the flow ...
 A group of juvenile Bald Eagles where active across the river ... sadly not close enough to get good pictures.  They were leary of all of the people on our side so they stayed clear.

The locals said that when there are no crowds, the eagles get much close and even will fish the open water as they watch ... might be worth a trip up duing the week when things are quieter :)  Have a great week everyone ...


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Scribble Picnic

Favorite Fictional Character
Wow, this was a tough one because I read every kind of book I can get my hands on from Fictional History to Children's Books (one of my favorites was Alexandra's Lady Bug book which I gave to my two favorite little girls).  But if I have to own up to a favorite ... I love mysteries.  And, because I am a nurse (as was my Mother), I love to read how forensics plays into the solving of crimes.  My most frequent forensic reads are Patricia Cornwell's  Kay Scarpetta Series.  Her stories are intense and thrilling throughout and when I need a break from the intense realities we live with in our daily lives, I curl up in my chair with one of her books and read, read, read.  You really do challenge us, Micheal.  Thank you again ... this was fun.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Our World Tuesday

Winter on the Lake


Taking it all in ...

Good Night ...


Wild Bird Wednesday

Dark-Eyed Junco

Winter isn't winter without the Juncos.  There haven't been as many this year as in the past, but I caught this little fellow early in the morning.  


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Scribble PIcnic

The New Year
The year 2018 will go down in history as the year when the United States did (or did not) stand up to a threat to their democracy . The Resistance Movements will lead the way to undo the choke hold of the oligarchs on those who are supposed to be leaders and protectors of our constitution, but have made deals with the devil and are beholden to him and no longer to their constituents ... So we have a "Tax Cut" that takes from the poor and gives to the rich including the president who will gain millions of dollars, we have millions thrown off their medical insurance, we have our National Parks being handed over to  drilling, fracking, logging and mining, our withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, our elections being manipulated by a foreign power and our government denying or ignoring it, Misogyny being normalized and our clean water act being reversed.  We have a president who is more interested in undoing what Obama accomplished than in keeping his campaign promises about jobs, infrastructure, the rights of the Dreamers, racial and religious equality ... and this president thinks Nazis and White Supremacists are nice people.  So that is what I am thinking about this new year ... how do we stop this disaster.  I am looking to the women of our country to continue what they started on February 21st, 2017 ... Resisting all of it and inspiring all right minded people to step up and fight to get our country back.


Interested in Resistance?  ... here is a list of some groups who will provide contacts, inspiration and information:


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

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The Woodpecker and the Acorn

This Red Bellied Woodpecker was very interested in the acorn ... could it be that there was an insect wintering inside?  He did manage to make a hole in it, but I guess we will never know if there was a happy surprise or just curiosity getting the best of him.  Happy New Year Everyone ...


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Right to Know

Let's talk about "the media" for a moment, shall we?
Not just about what our Tweeter in Chief calls FAKE NEWS media. But about the entire realm of honest reporting that the rest of us depend on to do our jobs as citizens.
In just the last few weeks...
1) The Federal Communications Commission, headed by an unabashed Trumpateer, did away with rules that protected "net neutrality," the policy that kept big corporate providers of internet service (like Comcast and Verizon) from discriminating against smaller web sites (like the Lowdown and just about all other independent, non-corporate media).
2) Before delivering that Christmas present to one set of corporados, the FCC greased the skids for another, changing its rules to allow Sinclair Broadcasting, a right-wing owner of TV stations, to gobble up even more local broadcasters. When its merger goes through, Sinclair will control over 200 stations around the country. Sinclair is notorious for forcing its local stations to carry "must-run" right-wing commentaries.
3) Time magazine has been bought by a group backed with millions of dollars from the Koch brothers. Los Angeles's largest weekly newspaper, the LA Weekly, has been bought by a group with deep conservative ties. The Washington City Paper, long respected for its reporting in our nation's capital, is up for sale and right-wing buyers have been sniffing...
If my point isn't already obvious: We can't take reliable news for granted. It's vulnerable right now, and the corporate right is taking advantage. The rest of us need to step up to protect our right to know.

Paint Party Friday

Nobody loves winter more than Izzi ... but ohhh, it has been cold.

(Old Man Winter taken from Public Domain)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wild Bird Wednesday

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Canadian Geese
 They spend the night on the ice where it is safe from night time predators ...

In the morning they wake up 

and gather their group  

then take off for the cornfields to graze ...

Though they are common and often considered pests, they are beautiful and smart birds ...